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Each one of the five generations of computers is characterized by a major technological development that fundamentally changed the way computers operate. Most major developments from the retro and old days to the present day have resulted in increasingly smaller, cheaper, more powerful and more efficient computing devices. Today, an advanced computing device based on artificial intelligence which is the congregation of thousands of integrated circuits were built onto a single silicon chip is now fit in the palm of the hand.

We’re living in a fast-paced environment where technological devices are being used for more reasons than ever. Whether working for a small company, a large corporate or from home, a computer will be one of the first pieces of office equipment which is always needed the most. Computer skills are a valuable addition to any employee’s personal portfolio. Up skilling and polishing computer literacy can greatly increase the desirability to employers. As an employer, motivating employees to become computer literate will increase productivity and also stave off problems that can cost time and significant amounts of money.

Many companies have started to depend upon computerised technology to get work done. Which is why computer skills have become increasingly important. Having the necessary and basic computer course knowledge will put a step ahead of others. It sets an opportunity as a big advantage over those who aren’t computer literate. It’s for this specific reason that many schools and tertiary institutions encourage students to complete basic computer studies. Few reasons shall let us know why being computer literate is beneficial in the workplace.

Being computer literate will allow to work on more challenging projects or tasks. Even if we’re still an entry-level employee, having the necessary skills can help to achieve specific goals. Being a university graduate with computer skills in our back pocket will help to get a better job more quickly. Most of the time, it could be benefitted to have a firm knowledge of how to use and operate computers could lead to a leadership position. Secondly, pumps up calibre in the work performance. As we see in fast digital society, taking notes in meetings or write out memos are obsolete Well, computer literacy has made things esaier with a nice speed.

Thus, Notes can be typed on our laptop or can record what’s being said. If knowing to use a computer, it’s likely to get work done in a more organised, efficient and timely manner. This is especially important when a situation demands to perform a job so that requires to use a computer on a regular basis. There are computer feature programs, such spreadsheet and wordprocessors, which will help to organise our thoughts and ideas. Hence its need to know how to use these programs in order to make proper use of their features. Dealing with a database on a daily basis, then won’t be able to do any work without computer knowledge. So, it’s clear that being computer literate will increase the overall work performance.

There is no doubt about being computer literate is a requirement in almost any workplace and for any job. It’s difficult to find a job that doesn’t involve a computer in some way. Almost every position will require a basic understanding of the operating system. Understanding computers is a foundation on which we can add a new skill to our list while working. Having this skill is essential for progression in a career. As mentioned earlier, this is a skill needed in almost every workplace. Education and the necessary experience are important for any successful career. But gaining computer skills, on the other hand, will help improve our overall knowledge and understanding of the tasks.

Moreover, serving both demands and necessities these days, more and more people make use of a computer to communicate with others. It doesn’t only take place amongst family and friends but also in the workplace. For instance, letters or statements don’t get sent through the post anymore. Email is the new form of communication for that. we can easily communicate with our peers via video calling. Being computer literate will also help to understand how to use the internet. And will help to communicate with colleagues or managers at the same time. This also helps to make use of instant messaging, social media (such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Skype) and email to share information. Ever since people realized the effectiveness of computers, the way of communicating has changed in a positive way.

It’s important to create our own opportunities by setting specific goals for ourselves. That way we’ll advance and grow in career. One of the easiest ways to prosper in career is to improve or add specific skills with computer knowledge. Right from the idle housewives, adolescent age group, day scholars to the small and big businessmen, juggling up hard to transform their simple individuality into a professional lT literates with a sole aim by learning computer as soon as possible to beat the challenges. Taking whether long term or short term course with a hope to fulfil dead dreams live and also contributing knowledge surely brings differences. Facing enormous challenges into daily lives by tapping the fastest fingers whether on a Desktop, Laptop or Tablet usher changes majorly or minor at least in a few quantity into the work, job, and task adhered.

Learning a technical language doesn’t limit one’s dream but to add colors to their dreams; The wisdom hub-LLCC take the dream to the higher level of inspiration and turns into a simplest method by providing digital knowledge to the maximum extent. The proud firm has been guiding for decades by providing application software and making things easily to vivid learners with vivid age groups. The deep-rooted firm once again proved it credibility by providing employment on the basis of artificial intelligence knowledge widely to the learners.

LLCC has witnessed many employers who screen applications and resumes that best match key words relating to the job opening, minimizing unproductive and unfruitful face-to-face application. The advantage of technology on employment is that it has the potential to get better for both businesses and workers, as new innovations emerge that transform the way we work. Leading to technological innovation helps creating new jobs, markets and industries to the aspirants. The knowledge sourcing firm has ideally paved strong path to the leaders who has successfully accomplished their goals on the basis of IT knowledge in diverge corners of UAE. Studying design, development and analysis of software and hardware solved many learner’s problems in a variety of business, scientific and social contexts.

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