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Soundly approved by KHDA, a big milestone LLCC doesn’t limit upto the basic learners but also aids to the job seekers, different natives globally, business men, house wives, pupil of the respective junior and senior grades from schools and universities entirely in UAE. Handling international business deals require effective skills in English. We the preferred business language shelter. It allows a person to say what he or she wants to say without having to argue about the meaning. Considerably, the decade old renowned Institute knowing the fact that employee retention and career enhancement are the next challenges, post securing an employment. Effective communication skill in English is one of the biggest factors affecting this.

This is the reason why LLCC a prominent institute across the UAE has discrete language development courses for its students. Such courses are designed to teach as a skill, so as to enhance their language competencies along with their technical or professional knowledge. Many a corporate organization in fact, is known to connect with various institutions to ensure that such skills are imbibed by their students. The weightage attributed to language skills and other soft skills for acquiring a job is thus quite high. With more and more business houses going global and working in competitive environments due to the changed world economy, the need to acquire or inherit competencies becomes imperative to merely survive in the market. This truth applies to both the employer and the employee. 

As already stated, professional institutes have now started ensuring that English as a skill is given due importance in its curriculum. The students are prepared for successfully cracking their interviews and helping them enter the job market. These students are later expected to up their skills constantly to sustain themselves in the competitive professional world. A course that is designed to provide the students with opportunities in listening and speaking into disparate languages are helpful in such a scenario. Students who may not have had the opportunity to use English as their language of day to day transaction benefit from such a course while the language proficiency of other students will also improve. A good language lab will be especially helpful to achieve this.

Predesigned courses, prepared using standardized teaching-learning formula to cater to the functional requirement of language learning will ensure that the students actually learn the language. The content should in fact meet the language learning needs of all different levels of proficiencies so that all students benefit from it. Enhancement of pronunciation skills and removal of common errors creeping into use through regionalism should also be addressed. Apart from this we set a platform.

The students and teachers benefit through the use of the software making the teaching and learning process interesting and fruitful. It wasn’t long ago that coding was seen by many as an odd hobby for geeks tinkering with computers and Juggling up hard in the techno IT world, So our trainers with sound knowledge and experience cater students and aspirants to nail their dreams working with MNC s and other pvt organizations by learning computer language. Besides, teaching Coding ability gives a new perspective to problem-solving, learning to code can help open up new areas of opportunity in their career and ultimately makes a more flexible candidate in a rapidly-shifting digital economy. Being able to make a change to the code base helps free up our developers to focus on the more important stuff and reduces development lag time.”

Education is often one of the biggest financial investments of our life, but LLCC has expert guidance to make it more realistic and manageable. Our course Trainers will walk you through every step of the way and give you beneficial advice to help get your educational journey started…..

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